We can produce many different versions of The Strategy Game so you can play the game for favourite musician or band, or your favourite sports team (professional, amateur, or school team). You can even play for your own business or your favourite business, such as your local coffee shop!

Play in tournament games with a chance to win prizes of just play social games with friends.

Please complete the following short survey to help us understand which versions of the game could be most popular.



1) If you were to play The Strategy Game to win prizes for you and your team, which team would you play for? (Tick one or more boxes below)

 favourite musician or band
 favourite sports team, professional, amateur or even a school team
 any other business, such as your own business

2) Tell us the name and website of your favourite musician or band, sports team, or business and we'll do everything we can to produce a version of the game for each of them