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Welcome to The Strategy Game website.  This website showcases the first demo version of The Strategy Game, a game of skill for one or two players.  This demo game is on the theme of football (soccer) and is called  ‘Goalscorer’ .

IMPORTANT – You need Adobe Flash installed on your computer to play this game and to see game tutorials.

If you simply want to learn how to play the game just read the following text shown in bold.  The remaining content on the website is further information about the game and its development.

Get playing straight away by clicking on the image to the right to open a new browser tab to play the game so you can refer to the following Quick Rules as you play:

  • In the demo game you play with the white counters and you have the first turn. Computer plays with black.
  • You need to score more goals than your computer opponent to win by capturing (landing on) its counters. Only counters showing football shirts (first teamers) can capture an opponent’s counters.
  • Your turn consists of 2 moves, a youth player move and a first teamer move. The squares you can move to are shown in red in this demo game. Just click on the counter you want to move then click on the square you want to move it to.
  • Build a stronger team by getting your non-first teamer counters (youth players) to the last line of squares (opponent’s goal line) on the opposite side of the board (pitch) to become first teamers.
  • A youth player’s first move as a first teamer (called its first team debut move) can have serious consequences for your opponent and its move depends on its number. You can bring on your substitute instead if it has a better first team debut move.
  • Get your Star Player to your opponent’s goal line or capture you opponent’s Star Player and you score 2 goals and the game ends. The Star Player is the only counter on your team without a number.
  • You take a risk when capturing your opponent’s youth counters as you can’t see their identities and their starting positions change in every game, but the same is true for your opponent. You could score a goal, or two goals if you capture your opponent’s Star Player. The counter you capture could also result in an Offside (not good) or Penalty (even worse). Play the demo game and see what happens.

Read the Game Guide or Game Rules if you want to know more. After you’ve played the game please complete the player survey and tell us what you think.

How much would you be prepared to pay to play for your Esports football team?

How much would you be prepared to pay to play for your Esports football team?

It’s April 2020.  Live sport isn’t happening right now and it will take a while before it gets back to pre-pandemic days.

Esports is filling the void and will continue to become more popular even when live sport returns.

If you’re male, between the ages of 12 and 25, and practice a lot you could become a top player in many of the most popular Esports games where dexterity and reaction times count.  If you’re outside this demographic you’ve virtually no chance in these games but you can be the best player in the game of Goalscorer – and you can represent your favourite team when playing the game too.  The game of Goalscorer isn’t on Esports platforms right now but we want it to be once we develop premium versions of the game.

If you want to represent your favourite football team how much would you be prepared to pay? Would you pay more to be involved in specific tournaments?

Learn how to play the game and let us know in the player survey.

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