The Strategy Game Template

The football world’s strategy game

The original idea behind the first version of the Strategy Game Template called ‘Goalscorer’ was to provide a football-based strategy game for two players that was an equal challenge for different age groups and wasn’t dependent on reaction times or dexterity where the advantage is always with the younger player.

Try out the game demo on this website.  You need to beat the AI opponent before you get a feel for how a two player game could provide much more of a challenge,  Don’t be put off by the limited graphics and no sound – this is a demo and we will be looking to make major improvements in full versions of the game.

Raising funds for community and charitable programmes

The theme of the Goalscorer game is on developing youth players into first team players, which is also vital for the survival of football clubs at all levels in real life.

The goal of the first completed version of the game template will be to get football club supporters to pay to play premium versions of the game with proceeds going towards charities and/or football clubs’ community development programmes.   This aim is more vital at the time of writing this as charities and smaller football clubs are in financial difficulty and may struggle to continue after the Covid pandemic has passed.

Different versions of The Strategy Game

We intend to produce different versions of The Strategy Game for mobile, tablet and web including free play and premium one and two player versions, with improved AI for the premium one player version.

New versions to include:

  • better quality graphics and simplified 2D graphics for mobile for better gameplay;
  • a wide range of team colours;
  • both timed game (e.g. 5 minutes per game/10 turns per player) and social game options with in play chat;
  • ability for premium players to add their chosen Star Player graphic;
  • different versions of the game mechanic in a range of different themes such as Superheroes v Supervillains and other characters from sci-fi, fantasy or historical figures.

If you’re interested in learning more or helping us produce some or all of the above game options Contact Us