About The Strategy Game

The original idea behind the first version of the Strategy Game called ‘Goalscorer’ was to provide a football-based strategy game for two players that was an equal challenge for different age groups and wasn’t dependent on reaction times or dexterity where the advantage is always with the younger player.

The Goalscorer game was first devised around the turn of the century as a hobby with support from some excellent staff and students at Wolverhampton University IT Futures. The game was then left on the shelf and not taken any further as the game’s developer Paul Carpenter focused on carrying out assignments in the public sector, not-for-profit and charity sectors.  But these are different times, and its now more important than ever that we make this happen so we have a product that goes beyond a simple game based on football.

Raising funds for businesses and their chosen charities

Many of us want to do more for businesses and charities which are going through a tough time at the moment. We want your help so we can produce as many different versions of The Strategy Game as possible so all kinds of businesses and charities can advertise what they do for free and receive income from premium versions of the game. Premium versions of the game will also contain a lot more functionality for players than the game demo shown on this website.

Benefits for businesses and charities

Whether you run a small local store or an international company you could have a Strategy Game Franchise. You get:

  • a custom premium version of the Strategy Game which includes graphics and sounds showcasing your business
  • income for your business and its chosen charity from sales of custom premium games purchased by your supporters, and
  • prizes for the best performing Strategy Game players and the best Franchise

Basically you get free advertising for your business, and your business and your chosen charity receives most of the proceeds from your premium version of the game. We use the remaining proceeds to run the game system, pay for prizes, and to pay our taxes.

If you’re a musician or in a band, or you run a sports team (professional, amateur, or school team) you can have a Strategy Game Franchise. In fact, any business can have a Strategy Game Franchise except businesses that provide ‘adult only’ products or services. Contact Us for more information.

Different versions of The Strategy Game for Players

We intend to produce different versions of The Strategy Game for mobile, tablet and web including free play, premium, and elite one and two player versions, with improved AI for one player games.

New versions to include:

  • better quality graphics and simplified 2D graphics for mobile for better gameplay
  • a wide range of team colours
  • leaderboards for top players and the Franchises they play for
  • both timed game (e.g. 5 minutes per game/10 turns per player) and social game options with in play chat
  • different versions of the game mechanic in a range of different themes for businesses, charities, sports clubs and musicians or bands

If you’re interested in learning more Contact Us.