About The Strategy Game


Welcome to the Strategy Game, a game of skill for one or two players.

The first version of the Strategy Game Template is a one player version of Goalscorer, the football world’s strategy game. The opening screen of the player v computer game is shown to the right.  Click on Template and you’ll find the game, a guide to the game, and the full rules.

The goal is to produce different versions of the game template for web and mobile on different themes (not just football) with timers and leaderboards. After you’ve played the game please complete the player survey and tell us what you think.

The game of Goalscorer – a social game of skill or a socially responsible gambling game?

Games of skill are usually not classed as gambling, unlike games of chance. As there is usually an element of chance in most games the level of chance should not be so significant as to influence the outcome of the game, because if it does such a game would then be classed as gambling. There may be those who suggest that the Goalscorer game should be classed as gambling if players can win or lose money depending on the outcome of each game. However, the level of chance is present only where 9 of each player’s 12 player counters are dealt at the start of the game and this factor does not significantly influence the strategy each player adopts to winning the game. Tell us what you think – Contact...

Goalscorer Speed Game Development Options

The aim is to develop one and two player free play and real money ‘speed’ versions of the game with limited time available for each move. Options include: one and two player speed games where each player has a maximum of 20 seconds to take each of their 2 moves (10 seconds for each move). If a player fails to make their move in time the turn passes back to their opponent each player has five minutes to take all of their moves with an automatic two nil defeat (or higher if the player is losing the game by more than 2 goals) recorded against any player who fails to move within the time allowed  ...
Introducing the Goalscorer Strategy Game

Introducing the Goalscorer Strategy Game

The Goalscorer strategy game was originally developed as a variant to classic games such as Chess and Draughts/Checkers. A basic free play demo version of the game is shown on this website. The version of the game shown on this website is based on football (soccer if in the US), although the game template can be adapted for other sports.  We’ve also had a proposal to develop a music version of the game where players can play the game using game counter designs from their favourite musicians or bands instead of football teams. Let us know what you think by completing the Player Survey. Before you do it’s important to learn how to play the game first and play it a few times. If you don’t beat your computer (AI) opponent first time you should do before long as the AI ‘isn’t the sharpest tool in the box’. PC, Editor, The Strategy Game.  ...