About The Strategy Game


Welcome to The Strategy Game. We develop casual strategy games based on The Strategy Game Template.

The first version of the Strategy Game Template is a one player version of Goalscorer, the football world’s strategy game. The opening screen of the player v computer game is shown to the right.  Click on Template and you’ll find the game, a guide to the game, and the full rules.

We will be producing different versions of the game for web and mobile on different themes (not just football) with timers and leaderboards. After you’ve played the game please complete the player survey and tell us what you think.


The Goalscorer Project

The Goalscorer Project

Development of the Strategy Game Template came from a design project originally in the form of a custom limited edition Goalscorer board game which then moved onto different one player Goalscorer game versions in Flash. With the subsequent development of HTML as a games programming language, plus developments in smartphones and tablets and greater opportunities in the casual and skill gaming sector, significant opportunities exist for the game’s future development.  ... read more